Welcome to Falmore


We finally got to the cottage in Falmore at about 9:30pm, almost an hour and a half after leaving Mount Errigal and six hours after arriving in Belfast. My own mission elapsed time at that point was 24 hours of travel time and 33 hours since any real sleep. There Continue Reading →

From Newark to Belfast


My trip began with a train from Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to Newark Airport in New Jersey. Once there I met my sister Katie and we began the adventure! After passing through security we’d found our way to the departure lounge, but we still had almost two hours before boarding. Continue Reading →

Pre-Flight Checklists

It’s been fifteen years since I’ve flown internationally, so getting ready for this trip has been a bit of an adventure itself. For example – did you know that the United Kingdom still uses Pounds but the Irish Republic uses the Euro? Also – powering devices from the US isn’t Continue Reading →