Category Pages

As we’ve been helping clients bring their WordPress content online, we’ve found that as part of building a way for them to manage their own content – we needed to find a way to easily build and maintain pages with their own specific content. Luckily, WordPress has it’s own built-in Continue Reading →

Local wiki installation

One of my clients wanted to build a fully searchable warehouse of all their IT information – releases, projects, programs, developers, etc. Given that the users for this interface were going to run the gamut between management and engineers, I needed something that everyone could be comfortable with. Since everyone Continue Reading →

Please, Say “NO” to GoDaddy!

It’s my personal experience, that GoDaddy is the most confusing web development service out there! Even when you know what you’re doing and what you’re looking for, the setup is cumbersome. But perhaps even more irksome than the convoluted design to the site, is that everything is set up to Continue Reading →