Welcome to Ardara Media

Founded near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2011, Ardara Media specializes in new media, internet presence, and technology support for individuals and businesses.

We began with an eye toward providing website development and social media support to new and evolving businesses, but as our own business evolved we embraced the changes and shifted our focus toward new media production and technology support. While we still welcome the occasional website development project, you’re more likely to find us editing media projects or consulting on business development.

One might ask “why ‘Ardara’?”. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of listening to my Uncle Hughie telling stories around the fireplace.  Hugh was always working on his great American novel and always had tales both tall and short to tell – and many of these took me back to the family’s ancestral home in Ardara.  While looking for a name for a company specializing in “new media,” I reached back to these old memories — and as a tribute to my father, uncle, and ancestral homeland, chose Ardara Media.

Many thanks to the friends, family, partners, and clients
who have been and continue to be part of Ardara Media’s evolution.